Tom Bull

b. 1995, Northampton, UK

Lives and works in London


My practice operates on the cusp of language; addressing the ability of three-dimensional things to hold and unfold information, whilst simultaneously allowing it to slip through the gaps and chasms of its display.


An inherent struggle with language, matter and meaning, that is brought to bear by elevating unassuming materials that are found within the margins of everyday life to the status of art objects. Materials that are often exhausted, ritualised or cast aside, are intensely laboured over using a specific type of handling that wavers between the satisfaction gained from a gleaming surface to the grubby, gleeful pleasure obtained from the sensory stimulations of touch. A sculptural treatment that instils an element of criticality, as well as manifesting an obsessive, surreal-like quality that pulls the encountered into the erotic seams of a fetishistic sequence. An intimacy that highlights a relational system that is bound within a field of aesthetics. An arrangement that is not governed by overarching logic, but the possibilities of activating an associative sensibility that is bound to the history of its deviation; for what is added is constantly anchored by what is dissolved, lacking or unobtainable.


A paradoxical play with the (dis)placement of language that unearths a plethora of questions relating to articulation, communication, as well as the complexities regarding reading, understanding and art making. However, these apprehensions and underlying anxieties are merely critical tools that I wish to disclose and disseminate to the hands of the reader. For it is the matter of countering language’s unequivocalness, to create, force holes or in-betweens. To free up words and to allow for connections, and linkages, that would not otherwise be seen or heard. By displacing legibility with an abstract visibility, my works render the forces that could de-figure language, loosen its grip and resist its mastery.